Reliable and solid roof for future generations

Semur&Co is one of the largest companies in Armenia specializing in the industry of production of building materials.
The company offers to the consumers polymeric (colored) tin roof coverings, wide choice of colored metal roof tiles and their components.
Having a wide range of  building materials, especially tiles, the purpose of the advertising campaign was to familiarize the audience with the brand and show the advantages of the product in the market.

In order to achieve the goal it was planned to implement a banner advertising campaign. The first step was to create a creative banner that represented the product with relevant information.


The banner presented both the technical advantages of the tiles and the color range of the product with an interesting design solution.

By giving information about a specific product on the banner, at the end of the banner were presented the branches and contact details of Semur&Co, which also appeared as CTA, in order to lead the customer to the brand website and to familiarize him/her with the brand’s offline shops.

building materials banner

Having the final version of the visual, an ad campaign has been created. Banner ad  has been placed on 20 pre-selected websites of Caramel Native Network , preferred by the brand.
Campaign duration was 25 days, December 1-25.

Given the activity in December in terms of advertising, we can say that the campaign has had above average efficiency.



CPM CRT Clicks
350.000 300 amd 0.45%