Hi! I’m your concierge

Concierge mobile app is new to the Armenian market and is a platform that brings together almost all personal assistant services by helping users to plan their day, break, trip etc.

As the app was just launched, our primary task was to present the app first, tell about it and show off all its features and the second important task was to gain users’ trust and encourage them to install it for further usage.

The campaign was carried out on Facebook and Instagram social networks and the following social media marketing tools were used for promotion:

  1. Content Marketing 
  2. Targeted Advertising

In the first phase of our campaign to raise the brand awareness, we introduced the app to our target audience with informative publications.

Concierge Mobile app Concierge Mobile app Concierge Mobile app


We also presented some important reasons and advantages of using the app.

Concierge Mobile app

And in the next phase we presented the application sections and the ease of use of them

Concierge Mobile app Concierge Mobile app Concierge Mobile app


To achieve desired results we used different types of advertising tools on Facebook social network advertising platform to provide App installs, increase brand awareness and quantity of followers.

So as a result we have the following indicators:

Concierge Mobile app