March 8 with GMOJI

With the Gmoji app on your phone, you can buy a gift that looks like a sticker, send it to one of your friends, and then he/she can pick up his gift by showing it in the appropriate place․
You send online stickers, and your friend, your loved one, receives a real gift through messengers.
As the women’s month was approaching, we decided to help people choose the right gift from the right place.
Our goal was to increase the number of app downloads. We choose several digital tools and ad platforms.

Google App Install

The Google App Install ad was already a successful tool for us. we used it for New Year campaign and had High productivity. This time the purpose of using the tool was to exceed the previous results.

For the campaign a series of animated videos were created, as well as promotional messages and banners according to Google’s technical requirements and marketing trends for 2020.



Duration of the campaign : 15 days (March 3 – March 18)
The results of the campaign:

Install Impression CPI (Cost Per Install) CRT


620 183.000 $0.22 3.35%


Using the APP Install ad for Gmoji brand, we once again made sure that by placing visuals for all Google placements at the same time, the chances of a successful ad campaign are higher than, for example, having only one video, and trying to ensure high efficiency.


Viber : Post Call Ad

The next tool  was Viber Post Call ad, which was used as part of this campaign.
Through Google ads the ad banner were delivered to users in the Viber app, appearing on the user’s phone screen after the call.
In  Viber  the visual appeared in two formats, both animated and static.



Duration of the campaign : 15 days (March 3 – March 18)
The results of the campaign:


Impression CPC (Cost Per Click) CRT
1230 282.250 $0.03