Winter sales in Megasport

Megasport is a leading retail chain of sporting goods in Armenia offering a wide range of sportswear and leisure apparel, sports equipment and various sports accessories. It has exclusive sales rights in Armenia and presents over 20 well-known European brands, and this list is updating every year. It includes EA7, Bogner, Le Coq Sportif, Technogym, Fila, Babolat, Butterfly, Scott, Speedo, Joma, Everlast, Jack & Jones, ONLY Play, Technica, Volkl, Trespass, Uvex, Converse and other sporting goods brands.
Having hot winter sales within the EMPORIO ARMANI (EA7) brand, the campaign aimed to make the audience aware of the discounts and to increase sales volume.

Caramel Native Network, Native HTML

A banner ad campaign was planned to achieve this goal.
But this time, unlike other banner campaigns, the emphasis was on a creative, non-standard banner. A catalog banner format has been selected that allows to present a range of products through one visual.
By the first step a non-standard catalog banner is created, which presents discounted products of the brand with their relevant information. The banner includes information on each product through a few slides that the buyer needs to make a decision: product image, brand, pricing information and of course the logo of the company.


With the final version of the visual, an ad campaign has been created. The already made visuals in the HTML format within the advertising model have been placed largely on premium and bestseller websites, taking into consideration the interests of the audience.The Geo-target was done by choosing Armenia. There was also a frequency-target: no more than 3 times per person.
Campaign duration was 7 days, February 11-18.
By looking at the results of the campaign during those days, and also taking into consideration the network model, the interesting banner with a marketing solution that was used for the first time in this campaign, we can evaluate highly productive.


Results of the campaign





65.000 0.70%